It’s Take TIME !!

r u feeling done with your life ? just because you aren’t getting what you want ! you feel down because others are up now getting more than you.. 

actually that’s fine. this world is not equal with everyone. they don’t server each of us equally no matter we deserve it or not 🙂 

What if you aren’t getting it right now. maybe u’ll deserve more better. if you aren’t getting it right that dosen’t mean you give up.. or this is the end !! 

That’s what we call Loser who give up easily are you a looser? no right 

Then keep trying best ! and grab what’s your’s so no fucking human can dare to take it from you !! 

Maybe not today but after a while you get it 💯🙌 

ignore the society they are here to drag you down. that’s what they do 


Be The Best Version Of Yourself 

yeah! the good one we are the one who decide we are doing good or not ! nobody else can decide our capabilities. i don’t think that there is anyone in the world who can judge you better than yourself !! 

Nobody can drag you down untill you let them do ! 

There would be many stages in our lives but till now what i’d learned is 

only you can be the best version of youself 

 specially Womens yes we!.. 

No matter what’s the pigment your skin is carrying you should love yourself ! the way you are the way your skin is. adore your curves 💙 eat and keep youself hydrate🔁 

people will love your version !! though you’r fat , thin , skinny , dusky 

First start growing internally ! 

Change your weakness into strength.

and be the best version of yourself !! ❤

Get The Look 

Here we are with summers and also “Shaadi ka season” we all get excited when we think of a party “girls type thing” we are always very messed up about our look like “what i’m gonna where” “i don’t have anything” and when you go shopping you are always confused so you could grab all those stuff  not only one haha!! i face the same but today i created a simply classy look for a perfect shaadi or function look !!

This is from limeroad you can get every detail from Limeroad with affordable price 🌟🌟😱 

        “You Are Strong”

Words by my favourite lady😘 ✋Sometimes, you need to look life into the eye and say “I’m ready.” I’m ready for the fuck ups, I’m ready to accept that I can, and I will make mistakes. I’m ready to admit I am lost, and when I am wrong. I am ready to try harder, I’m ready to fail occasionally. I am ready, I am aware, that this isn’t going to be an easy road that I’ve chosen to walk. I am ready to run it, sometimes when I’m out of breath, I’m ready to stop, and catch my breath again. And when I do, I promise to look around me and admire the beauty that you are. I am ready to appreciate what I have, and work harder for what I want. I am ready to say goodbyes, because I know there will be those, and I am ready to cry my heart out as I say them💯