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SO TODAY I’LL BE BLOGGING ABOUT THE MOST DEMANDED AND REQUESTED BLOG ABOUT  MY HAIR CARE !! Yasss💇 this blog will be going to all about hair care tips ❤ and a DIY 😊  

It’s not going to take your much time blog will be short 😊 

So lets start with the first tip.. 

1. OMSW (Oiling,Massaging,steaming,washing)

You all are already been aware of oiling. That how much oiling is important for you hair.This treatment for long n moreover for health hair is done from centuries.though, we don’t pay much attention to oiling and the results are fizzy hair, hairfalls , dandruff, dry scalps n much more. 

Indeed oiling is much needed for your hair. 

So what you can do is

* take three oils like :- coconut oil,olive oil , castor oil or indian gooseberry oil (amla)

* mix them in equal proportion in small bowl 

* let it get warm by putting in a hot water bowl 

* Take it out, apply warm oil into your scalp and massage it for good 10 to 15 min. 


* take a towel and put it into warm water

* remove excess water from towel 

* cover your head by the warm towel 

What it will do is Stream. Yes, it will steam your hair n the oil will penetrate into your hair through scalps. 

* Keep it for good 20 – 30 min and then wash off your hair with suitable shampoo and conditioner. 

Actually, this is what they do in spa. 

and this was a spa treat for your hair at home. Do it once or twice in a week and you’ll see the difference soon 🙂 

Next Is The DIY Mask for your Hair 😆 

You need :- 

* Banana 

* milk/yogurt or honey 


=> Take a banana 

It will make your hair smooth and shiny

=> Mash it in a bowl finely very finely 

=> Add honey or milk or yogurt whichever is available 

It will provide moisture n nourish your hair

=> Add lemon to the paste 

Lemon is anti-bacterial agent. Also it reduses dandruff

* Add all of them nicely And apply it on yiur scalp and all over your hair 

* Keep it for good 30-45 min 

* After 30-45 min wash your hairs properly with shampoo and conditioner

And you are done 🙂💐 

You’ll see the shine and smoothness instantly. 

I hope you girls like my blog😊 and it will help you to get back to your good  hair days



Thankyou for your Appericiations and demanding for this blog

would love to share more.. 

 Biee… Love you all😍💕 


Slay with simplicity !!

Sun is up all day !!!! Most difficult season to carry youself all day same 

You step out of home like a diva and get back like a messed up womaniya// 😂 

It’s petty hard to maintain the fresh look all day so today in this blog i’m going to share few tips and products i used to get a perfect look for summer’s long day 

Let’s start 😍


Sunscreen are the most important and basic requirement of our skin nowadays! which he most often neglect !! Sunscreens should be included in our basic daily makeup routein. bcoz it is must it protects our skin from harmful UV rays which can harm our skin badly !! 

before using foundation apply little sunscreen uniformaly to exposed part of your body 

In this picture i’d used ayurveda’s sunscreen of SPF 20. It absorb all the UV & UVB rays that can harm our skin inside’s extremely water and perspiration resistant. 

it costs me Rs.99 


The product i used for my eye makeup i shouldn’t say makeup because i just used a kajal It’s from maybelline colosal kajal Of Rs.300. It’s a perfect jet black smooth kajal.It lasts for like 7-8 hours smudged free too. Waterproof as i wore it on a waterpark trip😊 it was satisfying. 

It could be use as eyeliner too and it works perfect ❤  


 Products i used from my lip is Nevia Fruite shine lip balm Of RS.185 

Itll give you perfect shine with a little natural lip colour. it can last about 3-4 hours.

After appling lip balm put a paper on your lips and press around softly. it will give you a perfect matte finish

You can do this same when you apply lipsticks ❤


For touch up i’d used maybelline face compact after applying sunscreen. 

You can get All the products i’d used from AMAZON,NAYKAA,FLIPKART 🙂 

Top – Lajpat nagar market (ND)

Frame – Lenskart 

That’s it for this look which is simpliest and easiest 😊 

It’s Take TIME !!

r u feeling done with your life ? just because you aren’t getting what you want ! you feel down because others are up now getting more than you.. 

actually that’s fine. this world is not equal with everyone. they don’t server each of us equally no matter we deserve it or not 🙂 

What if you aren’t getting it right now. maybe u’ll deserve more better. if you aren’t getting it right that dosen’t mean you give up.. or this is the end !! 

That’s what we call Loser who give up easily are you a looser? no right 

Then keep trying best ! and grab what’s your’s so no fucking human can dare to take it from you !! 

Maybe not today but after a while you get it 💯🙌 

ignore the society they are here to drag you down. that’s what they do 


Be The Best Version Of Yourself 

yeah! the good one we are the one who decide we are doing good or not ! nobody else can decide our capabilities. i don’t think that there is anyone in the world who can judge you better than yourself !! 

Nobody can drag you down untill you let them do ! 

There would be many stages in our lives but till now what i’d learned is 

only you can be the best version of youself 

 specially Womens yes we!.. 

No matter what’s the pigment your skin is carrying you should love yourself ! the way you are the way your skin is. adore your curves 💙 eat and keep youself hydrate🔁 

people will love your version !! though you’r fat , thin , skinny , dusky 

First start growing internally ! 

Change your weakness into strength.

and be the best version of yourself !! ❤

Get The Look 

Here we are with summers and also “Shaadi ka season” we all get excited when we think of a party “girls type thing” we are always very messed up about our look like “what i’m gonna where” “i don’t have anything” and when you go shopping you are always confused so you could grab all those stuff  not only one haha!! i face the same but today i created a simply classy look for a perfect shaadi or function look !!

This is from limeroad you can get every detail from Limeroad with affordable price 🌟🌟😱 

        “You Are Strong”

Words by my favourite lady😘 ✋Sometimes, you need to look life into the eye and say “I’m ready.” I’m ready for the fuck ups, I’m ready to accept that I can, and I will make mistakes. I’m ready to admit I am lost, and when I am wrong. I am ready to try harder, I’m ready to fail occasionally. I am ready, I am aware, that this isn’t going to be an easy road that I’ve chosen to walk. I am ready to run it, sometimes when I’m out of breath, I’m ready to stop, and catch my breath again. And when I do, I promise to look around me and admire the beauty that you are. I am ready to appreciate what I have, and work harder for what I want. I am ready to say goodbyes, because I know there will be those, and I am ready to cry my heart out as I say them💯